AGE RESTRICTIONS (by year-end 2022)

  • Masters Women (aged 30) | Grand-Masters Women (aged 37)
  • Masters Men (aged 33)  |  Grande-Masters Men (aged 40)
  • After each game, captains are required to submit the GAME SCORE and SPIRIT SCORE. We request you use our new mobile Google Form which is quick and easy to use.
  2. Report to Disc Central to give your scores in person.
  3. Text (SMS) (TBD) your score using: (Format: [Your team name] [Your score] vs [Opponent's team name] [Their score].

**Note Captains** Complete both scores after each game and receive a FREE beverage ticket valid for a beer, cooler, or pop, while quantities last.

LENGTH OF GAMES                                            

  • (may vary, but typically) 70-minute games (Finals are scheduled to be 80 minutes) 
  • Games are to 15 points, half is taken when one team reaches 8 points 
  • Hard time cap: Horn blown after 70 minutes. Game is over at the end of the point in progress unless the score is tied. If tied, play one more point (**Note a point has started immediately after the prior point was caught.)
  • Half-time is 5 minutes long                                          
  • Each team has one timeout per half + a floater, not longer than 90 seconds each.
  • Teams arriving late: Points are forfeited at a rate of 1 point per 5 minutes by holding seven players on the line. After 30 minutes, the game is forfeit with a score of 6-0.  


  1.   W-L within current pool
  2.   W-L among tied teams
  3.   +/- among tied teams
  4.   Points for among tied teams
  5.   +/- within current pool
  6.   Points for within the current pool
  7.   Disc flip (boat race also acceptable)

Ultimate Park SITE RULES

  • The facility, event staff, and security will be checking to ensure people are following the site rules. If you are caught violating the rules you will risk: being barred from the facility, team or athlete disqualification, vehicle towing, or other potential ramifications outside of the event. Thanks.

🐕 DOGS | Dogs are allowed at the site but must be leashed at all times. Please be prepared to clean up after your dog.


  • USA Ultimate, Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition 
  • Rule Modifications:
    • Games end at 15, max score (i.e. teams do not need to win by 2)
    • End zone length will be shortened to 20 yards
    • Contact Rule - in effect 
    • Mixed teams to use WFDF Ratio Rule B 
    • No timeouts after the Hard Cap horn


(1) long horn signifies one of two things, as is context-appropriate:
  • The beginning of a new game slot.  
  • That the game has reached Hard Cap. Once you hear this horn, finish the point and the game is over unless both teams are tied, then play one last point to determine a winner. 
  • (3) long consecutive horns signify that lightning has been seen. STOP PLAY immediately and seek shelter at Disc Central or in your car. Consult the lightning section found earlier in this document.
  • A limited number of Observers may be present for the finals. Game assignments will be made by the Head Observer and requests can be made at Disc Central but are not guaranteed.