REGISTRATION INFO FOR MGM 2020!                              

MGM Ultimate Tournament
Masters / Grand Masters
Accepting teams for Open, Women, Mixed
June 6-7, 2020

      2020 Teams
MGM Open, Women's & Mixed Teams signing up!
 Rosie (Ottawa) 
Quarantine (Quebec)
Solstice (Ottawa)
Nebula (Ottawa)
Huff and Puff (Toronto)
TL;DR (Ottawa)
Magmarok (Toronto)
Elder (Ottawa)
       2019 Mixed MGM Firefly (Winnipeg)
Magmarok (Toronto)
Sundown (North Bay)
TL;DR (Ottawa)
Global Aging (Montreal)
LOL (Ottawa)
Huff and Puff (Toronto)
Pushing Daisies (Ottawa)
Cur$!ve (Toronto)

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